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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Very simple: Our minimum fee is $200. This covers our travel time anywhere in the Chicagoland area, our time at the property, and (the most time consuming) post-processing time. For small condos, apartments, or small homes, we provide between 20 and 30 photos. For larger homes (over 3500 SF or over $400,000 list price), We charge between $300 and $400, depending on size of the job, resulting in between 40 to 50 or more high quality photos. We charge $50 for re-shooting exteriors for seasonal changes.

Why Should I pay so much?

Our photography is highly professional and our brochures are hand crafted. They help sell your listings. We have many experiences where buyers tell the agents that the reason they came to view the home in the first place was because of the great photos on the web. But even more importantly, you will be more successful getting new listings when you show your potential clients how you will present their home in print and on the web with high quality, professional photography. We select some significant exterior and exterior views to enhance the photos using HDR (High Dynamic Range -- Google "HDR Photos" to see what we mean) technology.  Why not get the best?

See: What is HDR Photography?

How long does it take?

There are three main phases to our work. It takes between one hour and two hours to photograph the home depending on the size of the home. It takes several hours to process the photos using "digital darkroom" software to re-size, straighten, adjust perspective, lighten, fix color balance, crop and frame. We create a set of photos re-sized for the best presentation in the MLS. Then, finally, we create and post the photos and virtual tour links in the MLS and the virtual tour on Realtor.com. This complete process typically takes a 24 to 48 hour turn-around.



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